Sunday Brunch Ritual

Sunday Brunch Ritual

How do you do Sunday? I do brunch & light my favourite candles throughout the house. Yes, I go totally wild on Sunday mornings. Life is short, why not enjoy it - am I right?


Sunday Brunch Canapa Candle Blog

Normally on Sunday mornings I do Banana pancakes, but this particular Sunday I decided to do breakfast sandwiches on gluten free bread.

Don't forget the Tabasco sauce!

Canapa Candle Brunch

I'll admit, my presentation lacked a bit here. I made breakfast for my husband and I and I got way too excited that I pretty much tossed the eggs into the pan, there really was no structure haha.

Do you all do your eggs any special way? I love scrambled but on a breakfast sandwich I'll take eggs any way really.

Canapa Candle Brunch with Tobacco and Soy Candles

I had my Peppermint Mocha candle burning, does that seem like a strange pairing?

I think it went well with my brewing coffee, it smelled so so good!! In the living room I was burning the Bake Shop candle and mmmm, let me tell you.. THIS is how you do Sunday brunch. 



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