NEW at Canapa Candle, our Vintage Clothing Rack! ✨

NEW at Canapa Candle, our Vintage Clothing Rack! ✨

Sweater weather is on the way and we have you covered. Who doesn't love cozy wool sweaters as the air gets chilly? Here in Cape Breton Island, we are big fans of sweaters and everything cozy so I thought, why not offer some amazing vintage gems at the shop!

On our clothing rack you'll find fresh assortments of gently used clothing + vintage sweaters, jackets and other lovely articles of clothing. Some of the gently used articles we will feature this week are from LL Bean, Aritiza, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Think warm and cozy flannel, long sweaters and vests.

We will also carry some lovely wool sweaters, some new finds are thick and cozy virgin wool, cashmere and so much more. Come visit us at the shop, we are located in the size entrance of the Louisbourg Post Office building at 7529 Main St.

If you are looking for anything specific or want to see a snapshot of something we have on the rack feel free to send us a message.

Happy shopping! 

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Fabulous!!! I love vintage and gently used clothing. It’s so my vibe🤍. This is going to make so many people happy:)


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