Easy, Gluten Free, Fluffy Pancakes

Easy, Gluten Free, Fluffy Pancakes

I love pancakes! If you follow my Canapa Candle instagram page I often post about fluffy decadent pancakes I enjoy on weekends. After all, that is what inspired our Sunday Morning candle scent (banana pancakes + coffee). I have just made a fresh batch of beautiful pancakes and I'm excited to share this classic Cape Breton recipe with you all!

Over the years, I have tried several pancake recipes. Some have been too fluffy or too thin, but this recipe is just right!

Gluten Free Cape Breton Pancake Recipe


When I was young and lived in Ontario, my family had a tradition of visiting the Maple Syrup farms, or Sugar Bush as we called them. I remember devouring the most amazing fluffy pancakes with fresh real Canadian Maple Syrup, paired with sausages also drenched in Maple Syrup. Do you have any special family traditions that involve pancakes or maybe a weekend tradition?

On Sundays I love whipping up a fluffy batch of pancakes for my husband and I. Here is the recipe we use from our Cape Breton cookbook. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Cape Breton Pancake Recipe


 - 2 Eggs (Beaten)

- 1 Cup Milk or Non Dairy Milk

- 1 Cup Flour or Gluten Free Flour

- Pinch of Salt

- Pinch of Cinnamon

- 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla

- 1 Tsp Baking Powder

- Fruit Topping


Mix together ingredients, I like to use a hand mixer to get any clumps out. A whisk will also work fine. Add oil to your frying pan and pour in the batter. Flip over your pancakes when they start getting bubbles in the middle. I love adding a fruit topping right before serving, I'll generally add sliced banana or blueberries. Enjoy!

Feel free to watch me whip up some fresh fluffy pancakes in this reel below. Hope you love them as much as we did, yum! Click HERE to watch.



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