Crafting Signature Scents for Businesses and Personal Brands 🕯️

Crafting Signature Scents for Businesses and Personal Brands 🕯️

Canapa Candle is nestled in the charming fishing village of Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, we specialize in creating more than just candles—we craft experiences. Our bespoke scented soy candles go beyond mere fragrance; they encapsulate stories, embody brands, and enhance personal spaces with unique signature scents. We're not just in the business of candles; we're in the business of ambiance, making Canapa Candle the artisan's touch in the heart of downtown Louisbourg.

 Pumpkin Spice Latte Soy Candle made in Canada by Canapa Candle

One of our most prestigious collaborations has been with the renowned interior designers and TV hosts, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. Known for their impeccable taste and eye for design, Colin and Justin sought a scent that would resonate with the essence of their brand, and we were thrilled to rise to the occasion. The result was a soy candle that elegantly intertwined the robust aroma of pipe tobacco, the crisp freshness of evergreen, the zesty kick of citrus. This custom candle was not just a product but an olfactory representation of Colin and Justin's North Star brand, capturing the spirit of their style in a flame.

North Star Pipe Tobacco soy candle made in Louisbourg by Canapa Candle for Colin and Justin hotel North Star

This partnership exemplifies Canapa Candle's commitment to crafting luxury scented candles that resonate with a business's style and ethos. We believe that a candle can do more than light up a room; it can illuminate a brand's identity. Our process involves a deep dive into understanding the core values and aesthetics of a business, enabling us to produce a scent that is as unique as the brand itself. These signature scents are then sold in establishments like the gift shop in Colin and Justin’s North Star hotel, offering guests a take-home piece of the experience.

North Star soy candle hand poured in Louisbourg Nova Scotia in a Pipe Tobacco and Evergreen scent made for Colin and Justin’s North Star Hotel

But our candle curation isn’t exclusive to brands; it's also personal. We recognize that scent is a powerful medium, evoking memories, emotions, and ambiance. This is why we craft soy candles that appeal to individual tastes and personal brands. Whether it’s the allure of a personal sanctuary or the distinctiveness of one's character, Canapa Candle aims to ignite the senses and capture the essence of the individual.

Lodge Soy Candle Sweater Weather hand poured by Canapa Candle in Louisbourg Nova Scotia

For Canapa Candle, every fragrance tells a story, and every candle we pour in our studio is an opportunity to tell yours. From businesses to personal brands, our candles illuminate, accentuate, and celebrate the unique narrative of each client. With the busy lifestyle of a small business owner and a new parent, the commitment to quality and the joy of creation is evident in every soy candle I pour—handcrafted, clean-burning, vegan, phthalate and paraben free, and full of passion.

Visit or connect online, and let's create a scent that's exclusively yours—whether it's for your brand's bold statement or your personal sanctuary. Canapa Candle is here to translate your vision into a sensory reality, one exquisite candle at a time. 

- Farrah

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