Bringing Summer Vibes Back: Our Charming Beach Cottage Candle is Back in Stock! 🌅

Bringing Summer Vibes Back: Our Charming Beach Cottage Candle is Back in Stock! 🌅

Our Charming Beach Cottage Candle is Back in Stock on Monday!!

Hey Candle Lovers!

Summer might be over, but the spirit of sunshine, surf, and sand never has to fade away. We are thrilled to announce that our much-loved Charming Beach Cottage Candle will be back in stock Monday, October 30th and ready to infuse your space with those delightful summer holiday memories.

Canapa Candle Beach Cottage Soy Candle made in Louisbourg Nova Scotia

Inspired by those lazy days spent at charming beach cottages, where the scent of the ocean breeze mingles with the warmth of the sun, this candle captures the essence of summer in a jar. With notes of fresh sea air, warm sand, and a hint of sunshine, it’s the perfect way to bring a touch of paradise into your home all year round.

A few years ago, Nick and I enjoyed several holidays in a magical place called Montauk, we would visit the Hamptons once or twice a year to enjoy a little off season holiday. Visiting the little villages and hamlets, the beaches and pathways, it was sunny and invigorating even in the gloomier off season. Why? Because of the charming atmosphere and the fact that we were somewhere new, enjoying our little beach cottage and all it had to offer.

Have you visited a special place like this? You know the feeling.

Montauk Lighthouse Hamptons NY

Another favourite place in the area, beautiful Southampton. The town shared our cherished Atlantic Ocean. I remember one year walking the Coopers Beach and it was certainly warm, sunny and I'm sure it was November or December when we were there. I spotted a group doing a polar bear dip and they too looked pleased, filled with joy and excitement. Again how could that be? Taking a dip in the frosty sea! I think it was because of the feeling you get, visiting or living by the sea.. it creates a sense of joy, enlightenment with this constant reminder to take our days slowly and enjoy the moments.

And that my friends, is what our Beach Cottage candle is all about. Pretty special isn't it? My hope is that by lighting this candle it will whisk you away to your happy place.

Beach Cottage candle inspiration, ocean view and sea breeze entering a kitchen window

🌞 Key Features:

• Clean-burning soy wax for a guilt-free glow.
• Hand-poured with love in the heart of downtown Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.
• Long-lasting fragrance to keep those summer vibes alive.

Don’t miss out on the chance to relive those beautiful moments or create new memories with our Charming Beach Cottage Candle. Hurry, these fly off the shelves quickly! 

Beach Cottage Soy Candle handmade by Canapa Candle and Bath Sea Salt Soak and Natural Sea Sponge from Canapa Candle in Louisbourg

Shop online or visit our downtown Louisbourg store to get your hands on it now, we are open during the winter months Friday & Saturday 12pm - 5pm or by appointment.  You can also use your phone to scan the Shopcode to shop the candle online.

Now that you’ve taken in the story behind our Beach Cottage Soy candle, you might find yourself dreaming of your own beach getaway by the sea. Being in beautiful Louisbourg, we know a place! 

For the most stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, beautifully designed and decorated rooms and for your very own beach escape, visit the North Star hotel and resort:

Owned by two lovely TV hosts & designers Colin & Justin. We love supporting local and have heard the many amazing words from visitors on their stay. Now’s the time to light a candle and get busy planning your next beach holiday.


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